Equipment for Sale/Miscellaneous 

  • iTero Element scanner - VERY GOOD CONDITION

    Description: $16,500.00 for a VERY GOOD CONDITION (LIGHTLY USED) iTero Element. Wand has never been dropped. Optimize your patient's experience, digital workflow, and case conversions with the iTero Element. The interactive visual platform will help engage your patients and let them feel more involved in their treatment plan. Easily integrate your dental laboratory and chairside systems. 20 new scanner tips are included. Available for pickup only. 11255 Olive Blvd. Creve Coeur, 63141 If necessary, seller financing is available at 10%. Pay half now ($8250) at time of purchase and make equal monthly payments of $1,512.50 (P&I) for the next 6 months toward the balance ($8250).

    Contact: Ash Rohra | 314-737-2022 |

  • Entire 4 Op office equipment sale

    Description: Looking to outfit a new practice or an expansion? I have a 4 OP practice that I am currently merging and have no need for the equipment. The office has everything from highspeed handpieces, to 4 Belmont chairs, Forest rear delivery units, a Hydrim sterilization washer, lab equipment, wall mounted x-ray heads, ceiling mounted lights, compressor, doctor and assistant chairs, office furniture and more. If you are interested contact me and I can provide description and photos. If there is a certain item that you are looking for but is not listed, let me know. I can provide visits to the office to look at the equipment. Contact Chris Hill: 314-775-8337,

    Contact: Chris Hill, DMD | 314-775-8337 |

  • Dear Dentist Professionals, Lower your Credit Card Processing Rate

    Description: We have helped thousands of dentists lower your rate for over 25 years. If you are paying over 1.65%, you are paying to much. Get a no obligation quote or examination of your current rate. You get. Free state of the art equipment No contract Free paper No monthly fees Interchange rate Call 1-888-895-3129 or visit 


  • Equipment donations for mobile dental van

    Description: A new mobile dental van is being built for the Archdiocese of Saint Louis to help provide free dental care for the indigent people in the rural counties outside of St. Louis. There exists a great need to help people who suffer severe dental problems caused by poverty and past drug addiction. August 2020 is the expected delivery date of the new two operatory dental van. It will have all new major dental equipment like units and x-ray machines but no hand instruments or small items (impression trays, forceps, spatulas, scalers etc) will be provided.

    If you are closing your office, or know of anyone thinking of doing so, we would love to accept your donation of unneeded dental items for use by our volunteer dentists and hygienists. Of course a tax receipt from the Archdiocese will be provided for the donations you give to help us. Also if you think you could offer to assist the clinic as a volunteer at any time we would appreciate you giving us your contact information so we can let you know when the van is located closer to where you live.  We plan on moving the van to different counties for several weeks at a time and notifying the volunteer dental providers who live close-by so they can possibly give a day or two to assist in this very needed mission. Contact:  John R. Landgraf DMD, 314-799-4817 or or Michael Suden DDS, 314-610-5542

  • X Nav For Sale The Dental Anesthesia Center

    Description: Purchased in 2017, like new, X-NAV, 3D navigation delivers interactive, turn-by-turn guidance giving you the ability to improve the precision and accuracy of implant POSITION, ANGLE and DEPTH. Photos of the X-NAV

    The only live, 360-degree single-view of drill position and anatomy during surgery, X-Guide allows 3D treatment planning. X-Guide also will make same-day guided surgery a reality for patients – and at just a fraction of the cost of traditional guides.

    Why do I need to Guide at all when my freehand results are already good? You may be good – but you can always be better. Most implants are restorable but sometimes the small deviations from perfect require custom abutments or perhaps non-ideal emergence. Perfection is the goal.

    You’ve placed thousands of implants already, why would I want Dynamic Navigation? 
    If you take post implant placement cone beam scans and look at them closely, you will tend to want to make small adjustments on angulation or spacing. Navigation will improve your placement even though you have lots of experience. Data collected on over 400 implants in the hands of experienced surgeons shows a significant improvement in angulation with less deviation compared to freehand data in their hands.

    Will it work with my existing implant system? 
    Yes, the X-Guide system conveniently works with any implant system, any drill set and works with several commonly used implant handpieces.

    Do I still need to order a guide/stent? No, there are no additional processing or shipping delays that are common in the static guide process. Patent-pending X-Point technology makes it easy to look at the screen and concentrate on one dynamic focus point to assist in precisely guiding the surgical implant.

    What’s included:

    • 1 Cart Mounted Mobile System with Video Technology (Mobile Cart, 24’’ LCD Monitor, Boom Arm, Navigation, Keyboard, Mouth and an Electronics Enclosure)
    • 1 Serl Shield Keyboard and Mouse
    • 1 X-Guide Edentulous Kit (Never Used includes, 18 Bone Screws)
    • 1 X-Guide Probe Tool
    • 1 X-Guide Probe Tracker
    • 10 X-Guide X-Clips           
    • 1 X-guide Offset Tracker Arm- Right
    • 2 X-Guide Offset tracker Arm-Left
    • 1 X-Nav Instrument Kit
    • 1 X-Guide Handpiece Connector Arm
    • 1 Blue Light Blocking Glasses 

    Please contact: 
    Dr. Hoffmann or Kristy Mudd at 314-862-7844

    Selling for $25,000 (Does not include shipping cost)
    Local Pickup:
    The Dental Anesthesia Center
    950 Francis Place Suite 305
    St. Louis, MO 63105 

    Contact: Dr. Michael Hoffmann or Kristy Mudd | 314-862-7844

  • Medical Waste Disposal

    Description: Medical Waste Disposal that is affordable, reliable, and 100% OHSA compliant. Request a quote in 10 seconds at

  • 10,000 Impression trays and cases - Donating

    Description: We have 10,000 impression trays and cases with our old logo on it that we are willing to donate. 

    Contact: Amy | 636 328 6988 |

  • Looking to Donate: SybronEndo K3 nickel titanium rotary files

    Description: SybronEndo K3 nickel titanium rotary files. Listed as: tip size/taper/quantity in full packs (1 pack = 6 individual rotary files) all 25mm in length:

    • .25/06 taper/37 packs
    • .25/08 taper/36 packs
    • .25/10 taper/63 packs
    • .25/12 taper/36 packs

    Hyflex CM, controlled memory nickel titanium rotary files:

    • .25/08 taper/23 packs of 6 files, 19mm in length
    • .30/04 taper/50 individual files, 25mm in length
    • 35/04 taper/51 individual files, 25mm in length

     I'm open to donate all together or separately.

    Contact: Dr. Jamie Paul |

  • Buying or selling a home?

    Description: Buying or selling a home can be a very complex process. Finding a good real estate agent to represent you is essential! I would like to earn your business and show you the type of service that has built my reputation. Contact Gina Brewer, Realtor with Realty Executives of St. Louis at 573-587-1474 or