Choosing Dental Insurance

Important Questions to Consider

Before signing up for a dental insurance plan, consider these questions:

  • Can you stay with your family dentist? If not, are you willing to switch?
  • Would you be willing to travel further, if necessary, to reach your designated dentist?
  • Would it bother you to possibly wait longer for an appointment, because the designated dentist may give preference of appointment times to regular patients?
  • What are the methods and amounts of reimbursement for your dentist? How do you think those amounts will affect the quality of your care?
  • Will the designated dentist be able to use the newest techniques to give you optimal treatment?
  • What treatment restrictions exist with the plan?
  • Will you be referred to a specialist if necessary?
  • Must you stay with the designated dentist until the next enrollment period, even if you are not happy?

Types of Insurance Plans Available

Numerous insurance plans are currently on the market. They include the more conventional fee-for-service and direct reimbursement plans and the alternative PPO/ Capitation and pre-paid options. Please visit Types of Insurance Plans Available for more details.

You may also visit the ADA’s to view a list of common questions about dental insurance.

Dental and the Affordable Care Act

There are plans you can purchase in the ACA Marketplace. The American Dental Association has provided a helpful checklist for consumers when it comes to choosing dental coverage. Please visit the ADA’s for more details. Guide to Finding and Paying for Dental Care

It’s important to know all your options when choosing the right dental plan for you and your family. Use this buying guide to get started—and get covered.

The Choice Is Yours

Fee-for-service dentistry and employer-paid-dentistry dental plans have greatly improved the dental health of millions of Americans.

This system works because you have the right to make choices about your own dental health. You now have the freedom to choose a dentist and decide what treatment best suits your needs. Before you agree to an insurance plan that may limit some of those freedoms, we encourage you to consider the policy carefully. Talk it over with your employer and your dentist. Each program contains its own particular set of benefits and sacrifices - and some plans may not be as suitable as they first appear. Remember, the choice is yours ... so make it an informed choice.

Fee-for-service dentistry is an American tradition. It allows you to choose a dentist based on personal preference, convenience and trust. This system is the foundation of America's dental care - which stands among the finest in the world.

Today, more than 100 million Americans are covered by employer dental plans. These plans first appeared on the scene more than 50 years ago and adopted the traditional fee-for-service approach, but over the years, the insurance and dental industries have
undergone many changes.

Numerous "money saving" proposals have been introduced to consumers. Although many of these insurance programs promise cost savings, they often carry hidden costs that are not readily apparent - both in terms of dollars and ideal care. These plans may determine how often you see your dentist, under what conditions, and even who that dentist is. Before you choose an insurance option, be aware of the facts - so that the decisions you make are best for you and your family.