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GSLDS Central Office Staff


Meg Shannon

Executive Director

As Executive Director, I am responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Society and implementing policies adopted by the Board of Directors. I direct and coordinate the Society's activities to ​to ensure that we are best meeting and serving the needs of our members.

Laura Breeden

Meetings Director

As Meetings Director, I am responsible for coordinating the various aspects of planning and implementing arrangements for the Mid-Continent Dental Congress as well as other functions and CDE events throughout the year. I am also responsible for exhibitor relations as well as negotiations with vendors, including the registration company and show decorator. Managing the Society's compliance with ADA CERP regulations also falls under my duties.

Nikki Sprehe

Communications ​& Registration Director

I work primarily on the materials that get mailed to each of our members and I also maintain the website. Along with our editor, Dr. ​Sean Cooney, I compose the Society's award-winning publication, The Dental Arch. As Registration Director, I handle the registration for our Seminar Series.

Susan Prosperi

Membership & Public Education Director

As the Membership Director, my primary duties are recruitment and retention of member dentists. Throughout the year, I work closely with the Council on Membership on new ways to recruit members and steps to grow our membership in addition to retaining our current members. In my Public Education role, I am responsible for creating and implementing new programs related to educating the public about the importance of maintaining excellent oral health. My responsibilities also include facilitating programs that support current and future member dentists.