Massive Massachusetts win helps set stage for future insurance reform

ADA, state dental societies focus on establishing medical loss ratios in other states

A dental insurance reform victory in Massachusetts achieved via public ballot is spurring advocates across the country to pursue legislation to institute a medical loss ratio for dental plans in their states, while the ADA explores similar reform at the federal level.

“The Massachusetts victory was a watershed moment for patients and dentistry, setting a precedent that could herald future change for dental insurance across the country," said ADA President George R. Shepley, D.D.S. “It’s a shining example of where we can go in our future endeavors in dental insurance reform and what we can do to help our patients.”

The Massachusetts measure establishes what is known as a medical loss ratio — a minimum percentage of premium dollars collected by an insurance company that must be spent on actual patient care and not on administrative costs such as salaries and marketing.