Massachusetts Dental Society, ADA urge dentists to support unprecedented ballot measure to improve value of dental benefits

ADA commits $5M to campaign to help patients get more from dental insurance premiums

The Massachusetts Dental Society and American Dental Association are urging dental providers and the voters of Massachusetts to support a November ballot initiative that will require dental insurance carriers to spend at least 83% of premium dollars on patient care rather than on administrative costs, salaries and profits. Carriers that do not meet this minimum standard would have to refund the difference to covered individuals and groups.

In a Sept. 15 email to members, ADA President Cesar R. Sabates, D.D.S., said the ADA has committed $5 million to the Massachusetts Dental Care Providers for Better Dental Benefits campaign.

“The ADA is proud to join with the Massachusetts Dental Society to help support this measure, and we are asking for your support as well,” Dr. Sabates said. “Please consider financially contributing to the campaign to support a ‘yes’ vote on Massachusetts Question 2. Why? Because if we win in Massachusetts, it will be a watershed moment for patients and dentistry, setting a precedent that could herald future change for dental insurance across the country.

“Dental insurance companies will oppose our efforts and try to scare voters. They may claim that by voting yes, dental insurance premiums will likely have to increase. Our campaign needs the resources to counter this negative messaging so the public realizes that voting ‘yes’ will hold the dental insurance companies accountable when it comes to the hard-earned dollars patients have paid in premiums.”