Contributing to PAC as LLC

A new August 28 law may affect how some members organized an LLC can contribute to campaigns and MODentPAC.

A new law effective August 28, 2022 may affect how some of our members, who are organized an LLC, can contribute to campaigns and political action committees (PACs), including MODentPAC. 

Under RSMo 130.029.4, LLCs registered in Missouri which have not elected to be classified as a corporation under the federal tax code and wish to make contributions to campaign finance committees (such as our PAC) must register with the Missouri Ethics Commission prior to making such contribution. This law applies to contributions made AFTER Aug 28. Furthermore, the LLC must exist for at least one year before contributing to any Missouri committee/PAC.

If you would like to contribute to MODentPAC from an LLC that has NOT elected to be classified as a corporation under federal tax code, please follow the instructions below to register your LLC with the Missouri Ethics Commission. If the LLC has elected to be classified as a corporation under fed tax code, then they do not need to do anything and not need to register with anyone prior to giving a contribution. 

How to register your LLC that has NOT elected to be classified as a corporation under federal tax code:

The MEC has created a simple online LLC Campaign Finance Registration System. Once you have completed this registration, you may contribute as you would in the past.

  1. Create an Account
  2. Log In
    • Once the account is created, use the username and password provided to login.
    • On the Missouri Ethics Commission homepage, select the yellow Login button in the top right corner.
    • Select LLC Login.
  3. Register your LLC
    • Upon logging into the e-filing system, users may register an existing LLC by selecting “Add LLC Statement.”
    • Search for the LLC by name or charter number. Please note: while the LLC may authorize any individual to register the LLC, only the LLC’s member or manager (or equivalent for foreign LLCs) may attest the required information to the MEC. Users may register multiple LLCs.
    • Once online registration is complete, the LLC’s information will appear immediately in the MEC’s new LLC Campaign Finance Registration Search.