ADA Council on Dental Benefit Programs advocates for member dentists on dental benefit issues

Close, meaningful contact with third-party payers is essential part of council members’ jobs

Two March meetings between third-party payers and the ADA to discuss streamlining the claim adjudication process are the latest example of the Association continuing to advocate for member dentists.

“Meetings with third-party payers are nothing new for the ADA Council on Dental Benefit Programs, which over the years has advocated on behalf of member benefits on dental insurance and benefits issues,” said Randall Markarian, D.M.D., council chair. 

The council’s Dental Benefit Information Subcommittee members meet with some third-party payers individually each year, and the council chair and vice chair meet with the National Association of Dental Plans annually.

Bert Oettmeier, D.D.S., chair of the council in 2010, said that being in close contact with third-party payers is an essential part of the council members’ jobs, despite often-conflicting opinions.

“Most of what we are interested in is not what they were interested in,” said Dr. Oettmeier.

Christopher Bulnes, D.M.D., immediate past chair of the council, said, “Somewhere, we can meet them in the middle for the benefit of our members.”