10 Under 10: Dr. Nathan Suter on the importance of showing up, expanding beyond dentistry

Dr. Nathan Suter says that his love of dentistry began as a child. Growing up, his mother was as a dental assistant, and he found himself spending a great deal of time in the dental office where she worked. Having found a mentor in his mother’s boss, Dr. Ron Line, the young Dr. Suter learned how to make dentistry relatable, which made him even more drawn to it.

Seven years into his career, Dr. Suter owns his practice where he provides general dentistry services such as extractions, root canals, fillings, and more recently, teledentistry, service that he says is to ensure that he is still accessible, even though he may not be physically available.

In November 2019, for his work in advancing teledentistry in the state of Missouri, through his advocacy with the Missouri Dental Association and the Missouri Coalition for Oral Health, the MDA named Dr. Suter as Dentist of the Year.