Extraordinary contributions in extraordinary times

ADA responds to COVID-19 pandemic with guidance, advocacy for dentists     

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the American Dental Association was already busy at work, preparing to offer much-needed guidance and advocacy for U.S. dentists.

The ADA formed a staff team, with oversight from volunteers appointed by President Chad P. Gehani, to lead the early days of the Association’s response, as member dentists turned to the ADA with their questions amid a sea of information that was evolving every day.

The ADA Board of Trustees guided dentists as they postponed all but emergency and urgent care, and when it was time for them to open their doors again full time, Dr. Gehani appointed an advisory task force to provide them with the resources they needed to do it safely.

"What a year this has been," Dr. Gehani said. "The COVID-19 pandemic has called upon us to do things differently, but we have driven dentistry forward in an uncertain and challenging time."