ADA New Dentist News: MDA names 2013 graduate, GSLDS Member, ‘Dentist of the Year’

Dr. Nathan Suter recognized for work in advancing teledentistry

Feeling overwhelmed as only one of two dentists at a community health center in two rural communities outside St. Louis, Dr. Nathan Suter said he saw teledentistry as a solution and a way to increase access to care in Missouri.

“Since I was a recent graduate, I could see how a teledentistry dental exam was not very different from the treatment planning courses, competencies and [objective structured clinical examinations] from dental school,” he said. “From there, I jumped head first into research and advocacy.”

For his work in advancing teledentistry in the state of Missouri, through his advocacy with the Missouri Dental Association and the Missouri Coalition for Oral Health, the MDA named Dr. Suter as Dentist of the Year in November.