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Dental community responds to refugee crisis in eastern Europe

ADA to Ukraine Dental Association: ‘What are your most urgent needs, and how best can the ADA help with them?'

After learning of dire needs in Ukraine, the ADA and ADA Foundation are lending support by publicizing humanitarian efforts of the dental community across the U.S. and stepping in with contributions to the Ukraine Dental Association.  

Letters sent by ADA leadership to the Ukraine Dental Association, Polish Dental Society and Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists are in alignment with the FDI World Dental Federation's  March 4 statement calling for medical neutrality and human rights to be upheld and respected during the refugee crisis in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

“The American Dental Association is saddened by the current events in Ukraine, and your ADA colleagues hope that you, your family, your members and your employees are safe,” wrote Cesar R. Sabates, D.D.S., ADA president, in a March 16 letter to Irina Mazur, M.D., Ukraine Dental Association president, that was shared with FDI leaders.

“I believe that our global dental community should lend a hand to each other in times of great difficulty, and as a fellow member of the FDI World Dental Federation, the ADA extends its support in the spirit of goodwill and camaraderie,” Dr. Sabates continued. “What are your most urgent needs, and how best can the ADA help with them? Please let us know how we can offer meaningful support to you at this time. As the people of Ukraine continue to demonstrate great courage, please know that we are thinking of you. Our dental community stands with you in solidarity.”

After learning of the Ukraine Dental Association’s need for dental supplies — in particular local anesthetic and sutures — the ADA Foundation approved in May a grant of $50,000.