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Documenting the dental school debt journey

Dr. Brittany Vacura shares her experiences in paying off her student loans, reason for sharing it on Instagram

Brittany Vacura , D.D.S., was on Instagram when she had stumbled across a “debt free community” that consisted of thousands of everyday people sharing their financial wins and losses as they pay off their large amounts of debt.

The stories, especially from millennial professionals, resonated with Dr. Vacura, but she noticed something was missing.

“I realized there were no other dentists sharing their journey,” she said.

Dr. Vacura had graduated in 2017 from the University of California San Francisco with about $181,000 in student debt.

“So I decided to share mine,” she said.

From participating in the National Health Service Corps’ Student to Service Program to help pay for her student loans to becoming debt-free in December 2021, Dr. Vacura has shared her financial journey to her 1,350 followers on her Instagram account, @debtfreedds.

The New Dentist News spoke with Dr. Vacura to learn more about the NHSC’s Student to Service Program, how debt affected her life goals, how documenting her student debt experience has helped her, and to see if she has any words of wisdom for other new dentists struggling with student debt (Hint: she does).