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Concerning dental insurance, the ADA is here to help

New guides, on-demand webinar, Contract Analysis Service all ways to navigate difficult insurance challenges, the impact they have on business

If dentists have ever wondered why their claim submission was denied, altered or was paid at a lower amount than expected, the ADA has new and existing tools and guidance to help dentists understand the actions taken by insurance carriers:

• Learn how claims are reviewed from a former dental insurance consultant and ways dentists can help educate their patients about dental insurance issues with a new on-demand webinar.
• Check out answers on why insurance companies use payment policies and how to file a successful claim appeal in three new downloadable guides from the ADA Council on Dental Benefit Programs on downcoding, bundling and least expensive alternative treatment clauses, with easy-to-understand explanations on these common conundrums also available at
ADA’s Contract Analysis Service, an ADA member exclusive, explains the terms of an unsigned contract so dentists can evaluate whether the contract is a good fit for their business.