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ADA updates teledentistry policy

Services ‘must be consistent’ with in-person standards 

The ADA has updated its teledentistry policy to better serve dentists who rely on this technology to take care of patients.

The ADA, which first adopted policy on teledentistry in 2015, believes that examinations performed using this technology “can be an effective way to extend the reach of dental professionals” and can also “increase access to care by reducing the effect of distance barriers to care,” according to Res. 16H-2020.

The resolution also noted that “teledentistry has the capability to expand the reach of a dental home to provide needed dental care to a population within reasonable geographic distances and varied locations where the services are rendered,” and that “in order to achieve this goal, services delivered via teledentistry must be consistent with how they would be delivered in-person.”

The policy was adopted during the 2020 meeting of the House of Delegates.