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New ADA podcast series helps dentists ‘connect each of us’

Running or being in a practice — along with enduring all that life throws at you — can be challenging.

A new podcast from the ADA can help.

Dr. Betsy Shapiro, director of the ADA Center for Professional Success, chats with a diverse group of people who offer their perspectives in the podcast Beyond the Mouth, where the only topic off-limits is clinical dentistry.

Everything else is fair game.

“All of us have a story,” said Dr. Nima Aflatooni, a member of the ADA Council on Dental Practice and a guest on the first episode of the podcast, in a statement emailed to ADA News. “A story about our dreams and the experiences that have shaped our lives and choices. Sometimes as clinicians, it is easy to become isolated and trapped in the little bubble of our lives. This podcast helps to connect each of us and help us identify with other dentists who may have had similar struggles, experiences and successes. We are all in this together.”