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2018 House of Delegate actions include dues increase, new policies

Honolulu — The ADA House of Delegates Oct. 22 approved a $22 dues increase for 2019 but decided against a special assessment of $58, instead urging the Board of Trustees to use reserve funds to pay for the remaining year of a three-year pilot project for the Find-A-Dentist campaign.

Res. 35H-2018 sets 2019 dues at $554 for ADA active members.

The dues increase will bring anticipated 2019 revenues of $134,180,000 against $134,021,000 in expenses.

The $18 million three-year Find-A-Dentist campaign is focused on connecting prospective patients with dentists. The 2016 House of Delegates approved the effort in Res. 67H-2016: "Drive Utilization of Dental Services for ADA Members."

“As leaders, we are charged with ensuring a positive future for our members —not for maintaining the status quo — but for addressing disruption head-on and building and shaping a positive future,” said ADA President Jeffrey M. Cole. “I believe the actions of the 2018 House of Delegates moves us toward shaping a positive future.”