Advertising and Media Requests

Advertising in The Dental Arch publication​

The Dental Arch is well loved by GSLDS members, who represent ​more than 1,000 dentists in the Greater St. Louis area. Advertising in our quarterly publication is the quickest way to get your product or service in front of the area's practicing dentists.

Our member dentists use The Dental Arch when they are looking for products and services to help them run their practices, but also use it to for purchases in their personal lives. Our Central Office receives calls daily from many member dentists, and refers to the magazine as a resource to help them.

Advertising with The Dental Arch is the easiest way to directly connect and build a relationship with the largest organized dentistry group in St. Louis! We are the most cost-effective, proficient way to target and build meaningful relationships with St. Louis dental professionals.

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Media Requests​

The Greater St. Louis Dental Society represents the interests of ​more than 1,000 dentists in St. Louis and the surrounding areas. Through one of the opportunities below, your company or organization can reach our vast membership base. Each of our opportunities come with exclusive perks and different levels of visibility. Opportunities include:

If you would like to discuss one of these our available opportunities please contact GSLDS at 314​-569​-0444 or click here for the 201​9 media kit.

Please note that while we appreciate partnering with corporate sponsors, GSLDS cannot "endorse" or have a "preferred" relationship with any company at this time. Please contact our constituent organization, the Missouri Dental Association, for this opportunity at 573​-634​-3436 or visit