National Children's Dental Health Month

Congratulations to our coloring contest winners! 

GSLDS usually celebrates National Children’s Dental Health Month with the Magical Smile Fest event for kids and their parents at the Healthworks! Museum. Unfortunately, due to social distancing protocols, this will not be possible for 2021.

mr shiny tooth with coloring contest entries

Mr. Shiny Tooth was absolutely thrilled with the response to the National Children's Dental Health Month coloring contest! It was SO hard to pick his favorites. The winners are: Age 4-5 group: Henry L; Age 6-7 group Abigail L; Age 8-9 Kaylee C; Age 10-11 group Andy N. Kaylee also won our Grand Prize and her artwork will be featured on the cover of the next issue of The Dental Arch.
Congratulations to our winners! And to all the entries - thank you for putting big smiles on all our faces!