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Carrie Webber

Thursday, November ​14, 2019

  • How to Rock Your Practice Marketing on a Budget
  • ​Let's Get Social!

How to Rock Your Practice Marketing on a Budget

8:00 ​AM - ​11:​30 AM | ​3 CDE
Educational Method: Lecture
Subject: Marketing
Recommended for: Entire Staff

Fee: $10 | $20 after Oct. 17
Event code: T06


  • Build your practice’s “street team” to increase referrals.
  • Learn ways to shine your light bright for potential patients to find you.
  • Identify steps to get your website up to date and in perfect condition to welcome potential new patients.
  • Discover resources to help you make the most of your practice’s social media and your overall online presence.
  • Find the keys to raising the benchmarks in your business to ensure potential patients become forever patients.

There are secrets to success that every rock star knows. Learn these key techniques to building your practice’s “fan base” and grow your business the grassroots, rock star way – one raving fan at a time.

Let's Get Social!

1:00 ​PM - 4:​30 PM | 3 CDE
Educational Method: Lecture
Subject: Social Media
Recommended for: Entire Staff

Fee: $10 | $20 after Oct. 17
Event code: T20


  • What social media truly is.
  • What you can expect from your social media strategy.
  • How to implement social media into your practice, existing marketing, and digital tools.
  • Tips on content creation for social media.
  • How to announce to the world that you are part of social media.
  • How to measure and monitor the effectiveness of your social media strategy.

Social media seems to be the new “it” marketing medium. In reality, social media is a fundamental shift in the way people communicate, taking existing patient referrals to a whole new level. And if you are not part of the conversation, you will find your practice left out in the cold. Start communicating today with your patients in a way that is engaging, fun, and valuable.

​Speaker Bio: Carrie Webber is Chief Communications Officer and co-owner of Jameson, a dental management, marketing and hygiene coaching firm that helps dentists and teams become more productive, more profitable and ultimately more fulfilled in their practicing lives.  Carrie creates customer service and business development opportunities as well as internal and external marketing initiatives and social media strategies to effectively communicate the Jameson message to the dental profession.  She is a contributing author to several publications and blogs on the topics of marketing, customer service and leadership as well as a popular speaker for dental meetings nationwide.  Carrie is a member of the Speaking Consulting Network and has been named a 2019 Leader in CE by Dentistry Today. Financial Relationship - Grants/Research Support: CareCredit; Other Financial or Material Support: Jameson - co-owner