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Nancy Dewhirst, RDH, BS

Thursday, November ​14, 2019

  • Annual OSHA Training & Update - A Roadmap to Safety
  • Lesions and Lifestyles - Oral Pathology Review and Update for Dental Teams

Annual OSHA Training & Update - A Roadmap to Safety

​8:00 AM - 11:30 AM | ​3 CDE
Educational Method: Lecture
Subject: OSHA
Recommended for: Entire Staff

Fee: Free, registration required
Event Code: T03


  • Update knowledge of important disease risks and Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP)
  • Analyze Standard Precautions and their limitations
  • Prepare to implement Respiratory Hygiene / Cough Etiquette
  • Discuss challenges of sharps and waste management
  • Improve effectiveness of environmental asepsis
  • Maximize Instrument reprocessing efforts

Managing all aspects of your office safety can be confusing.  This class focuses your efforts on what you need for your written and practical OSHA program, with an emphasis on today’s infection control challenges.  The course will review and provide updates on OSHA-required training topics for ordinary and extraordinary situations, including general safety issues such as physical and chemical risks, infectious disease transmission and control, hazard communication and waste. Attendees learn ways improve the effectiveness of Standard Precautions, while adjusting for higher risks such as aerosol transmitted diseases (ATD’s).

​Lesions and Lifestyles - Oral Pathology Review and Update for Dental Teams

​1:00 PM - 4:30 PM | ​3 CDE
Educational Method: Lecture
Subject: Oral Pathology
Recommended for: Entire Staff

Fee: Free, registration required
Event Code: T16


  • Understand precise descriptive terms and methods of recording clinical lesions. 
  • Identify and assess potentially cancerous lesions based on clinical presentation and history. 
  • Identify and assess representative tissue masses; suggest a differential diagnosis and plan patient treatment/referrals and long term patient management.
  • Identify, evaluate and compare oral soft tissue ulcerations and papillary lesions. 

Lesions and lumps tell stories!  This is a review of selected types of oral and oral-pharyngeal lesions, considering today’s most important trends. Learn the value of oral pathology risk assessment, and how to document oral conditions and risk for every patient.  Compare and evaluate diagnostic technology, differential diagnosis and treatment recommendations using case studies.

​Speaker Bio:  Ms. Dewhirst graduated from, and was a clinical instructor in Dental Hygiene at University of Southern California and teaches Oral Pathology, Preventive Dentistry and Infection Control at West Coast University Department of Dental Hygiene. She is a nationally recognized speaker, author and consultant, focusing on infectious diseases, clinical safety, instrument sharpening, ergonomics and preventive dentistry. Ms. Dewhirst is a “top 100 U.S. Speaker”, and is on the California Dental Association, ADA and OSAP speaker’s / ​consultants bureaus. Ms. Dewhirst is an experienced author of journal articles, has contributed to textbook chapters and guidelines such as the 2009 ADA Infection Control Wall Poster, CE courses, newsletters, product literature and website content.

Ms. Dewhirst has had more than 80 articles published in peer reviewed professional journals, has contributed to dental textbooks and national guidance documents. She also writes regular infection control columns in dental industry publications and trains sales reps in infection control. She has presented more than 350 seminars nationally and internationally on Diseases and Infection Prevention, Disaster Preparedness, Biofilms, building contamination and ​dental ​waterlines, ​instrument ​sharpening, ​ultrasonic ​scaling, and ​ergonomics. She is an experienced hands-on instructor, and presents online programs. Financial Relationship - none reported