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Judy Kay Mausolf

Friday, November ​15, 2019

  • Delivering W.O.W. Service
  • Communication Solutions: Attitudes, Breakdowns & Conflict Resolutions

Delivering W.O.W. Service

8:​00 AM - ​​11:30 ​AM | ​​​3 CDE
Educational Method: ​Lecture
Subject: ​Customer Service
Recommended for: Entire Staff

Fee: $​10 | $20 after Oct. 17
Event Code: F04


  • Understand W.O.W. patient philosophy.
  • Illuminate a W.O.W. decision making process.
  • Learn techniques to make W.O.W. impressions.
  • Recognize essentials of W.O.W. branding.
  • Identify opportunities that create W.O.W. touch points.
  • Understand W.O.W. service standards concepts.

Learn principles for strengthening communication skills, practice brand, and service standards. Illuminate the patient decision making processes to create lasting impressions and exceptional experiences. Inspire the entire team to deliver W.O.W. service with more passion and focus!

Communication Solutions: Attitudes, Breakdowns & Conflict Resolutions

1:00 PM - 4:30 ​PM | ​​​3 CDE
Educational Method: ​Lecture
Subject: ​Communications
Recommended for: Entire Staff

Fee: $​10 | $20 after Oct. 17
Event Code: F18


  • Learn verbal skills to communicate effectively with difficult and different personalities. 
  • Establish protocols that eliminate gossip.
  • Identify behaviors that elevate trust and respect.
  • Discover methods that turn toxic attitudes to tremendous.
  • Know how to inspire a culture of appreciation and celebration.
  • Learn fundamentals for effective huddles and team meetings.

Discover how to elevate your communication to a level that inspires open communication, prevents breakdowns, resolves conflict and builds trust and respect, resulting in high performing team and
patient relationships! Learn the skills to communicate positively and effectively with different and even difficult personalities. Discover formats to hold positive, effective and efficient team meetings. 

​Speaker Bio: Judy Kay Mausolf is a dental practice management coach, speaker and author with expertise in helping others get happier and more successful! Judy Kay is Past President, National Speakers Association Minnesota Chapter, a member of the National Speakers Association, Academy of Dental Management Consultants, and Director of Sponsoring Partners for the Speaking Consulting Network. She is author of two books; TA-DAH! Get Happy in 5 Seconds or Less and Rise & Shine; An  Evolutionary Journey to Get Out of Your Way and On Your Way to Success. Financial Relationship - Honorarium: CareCredit; Other Financial or Material Support: Books & Bands