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Online CE Tracking

Beginning this year, GSLDS will add to that all CE credits earned from district meetings, GSLDS seminars, Mid-Continent and other GSLDS sponsored CE events. This will start after the first district meetings in January 2017. 

The ADA tracking system ​will allow members to upload and add their outside CE course, so that their lists are comprehensive. Members can log their CE credits and can find already-logged CE credits for any courses they have taken through the ADA and MDA from 2015 and beyond.

  • CE logged by members will be noted as unverified, since it is being added by the member.
  • CE in the system, which has been input automatically by the ADA, MDA or GSLDS, will be noted as verified.
Click the button below to view MDA and ADA CE events. GSLDS events coming soon!

Online CE Tracking